Monthly Archives: March 2010

Sarah and Sebastian :: Newark, DE

Well the weather outside is anything BUT frightful here in Delaware!  75 degrees and the sun is shining.  If you own a camera, and you weren’t out shooting today, oh man, you’re going to kick yourself next week when its 50 and raining. I hit the town with my lovely girlfriend Sarah, and we were...

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Joe B. – this post has nothing to do with cherry pie

Meet Joe. Joe climbs rocks. Joe does Yoga. Joe sells booze. Joe has a pretty good life.

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Jess + Chris :: two fabulous people

Chris and Jess are two pretty awesome people.  They’re just a blast to be around and always have this weird and dangerously contagious positive energy that just kind of overflows everywhere.  Stop it guys, you’re making the rest of us look bad!  We headed out into Wilmington, DE for some pictures of the two of them.  Just...

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