Monthly Archives: January 2010

Get United! A glimpse of supporters of The United Way

These photographs were shot for The News Journal and can be found in the “Get Involved” section of Thursday, January 28th’s paper. The following people are supporters of the United Way. They have all given in some way or another to the organization that has helped so many people throughout the world. So now you...

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Hanging about. Literally.

Ventured out of Delaware to get in some  fun photography nonsense.  Headed over to Earth Treks Saturday with Tina.  Climbed some stuff, had a blast.  This girl is going to be mega strong, mega soon.

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The Winter Burn: A Philadelphia Rock Gym Event

So for those of you that don’t know, I eat horribly. Fast food? Check. But the only reason I’m not super fat yet, is because I love to climb. It’s been a hobby since I started college back in 2003. If you’ve never done it, give it a try, and if you want someone to...

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